Pandora Advertising

radio advertising worksAdvertise on Pandora Radio

Now, even small businesses can target potential customers with Pandora Internet Radio.

Unlike traditional radio, Internet radio — specifically Pandora Radio — offers the ability to target just your best potential customers.

Here are the advantages of Pandora Advertising:

marketing iconTarget by narrow geographic region – You can target just by counties — or in some cases by zip codes. That means you reach only your potential customers.

marketing iconTarget by age – Your message can be delivered to only the listeners you specify.

marketing iconTarget by lifestyles / listening habits – You can target specific music. Want people with more disposable income? Target classical music or jazz. Want young adults? Target rock or urban music.

marketing iconYour message can not be turned off – With traditional radio, people can tune out during the commercial or change channels. With Pandora Advertising they can not skip the commercial.

marketing iconYour message stands alone – With traditional radio, sometimes commercial breaks are up to six minutes long. If your commercial is at the end of the break, your potential customer has little involvement. With Pandora there is one commercial at a time and only four an hour.

marketing iconThe Costs is Reasonable – Most people can advertise on Pandora Radio for less than a traditional media buy on local radio station.

Hear a Pandora Radio Ad

marketing iconYouPandora Advertising Banner also get a Banner Ad and Traffic to Your Web Site – With each Pandora Radio audio ad you get a banner with a click thru to your Web site. That means you can measure your traffic and have the accountability you want.

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